365 Sessions of Dialysis

Today marks the 365th time I have undergone dialysis since diagnosed as end stage renal failure in April 2015.
Physically it has been a strain on my body, the punishing hours on the chair, strapped to a machine and seeing my life flash by me.

Just imagine sitting in a chair as your blood goes out from one needle, processed by the dialysis machine and is retuned into your body via another needle, all of which is located on my right arm.

In terms of time, here is the equation – 4 hours for the dialysis process, add another one hour for the procedures before and after, so in this 365 sessions, I have spent 1,825 hours.

That works out to be 77 days of my life.

In terms of money , 365 sessions cost me RM73,000 so far, to stay alive for 27 months.

Meaning each of the 27 months costs me an average of RM2,700 per month.

This cost does not include the cost of medication and injections – averaging RM1,500 per month so a total of RM40,500.

My issues with health do not stop there as I have cornea and retina problems in my eyes having undergone 3 cornea transplants, costing RM66,000.

Each set of steroid injections into me eyes costs me RM9,500 and I have undergone 3 sets so far, totalling RM28,500.

Mind you I have also undergone several other surgeries as well, from amputation of my toe to skin graft ring to replace the sole of my left foot, and that alone cost me RM60,000.

So really I have virtually exhausted all my savings and since I have failed to get any jobs since April 2014, it is difficult to make ends meet most of the time.

But unlike others, I live life one day at a time, prepared always to be given the call “up”.

But I need to be resilient as I made a promise to my mum who passed away on July 7, 2013.

I had promised her that I would look after my Dad, who turned 85 last March and frankly he is a much better medical condition then me.

The promise, the duty as a Son and sports, these are the three vital ingredients that keep me going.

How have and would I survive?

Well I had my share of unfulfilled promises made to me by Politicians, sports leaders, businessmen, corporate giants, top notch personalities and even those who I thought were friends.

But these were merely ” cakap sedap” as all they wanted was my help when they needed it and today they fly so high that they are no longer visible, yet the pain they inflicted lingers on.

To be fair, I have had some very very good Friend, those who helped me out when the going was tough, those who turned up at my doorstep when I sought help, and these are the individuals I hold dear to my heart.

I need Nor name them as they know who they are and can relate to what I undergo.

I have successfully completed 365 days, the challenge now is to double this.

It’s all in his hands…