66 or 78 golds at Manila SEA Games 2019

So the National Sports Council has played God to predict that Malaysia will win 66 gold medals at the 2019 Manila SEA Games.

This was stated in the booklet on the restructuring of sports from Tier 1-4, supposedly a better program then the Podium Program.

But the irony is the sports to be contested in Manila have yet to be finalised and it will only be done by the SEA Games Federation that meets in Manila on Saturday, November 24.

As of now, there are 56 sports being listed for competition and this number is expected to be reduced this Saturday.

For the record in KL 2017, a total of 38 sports were contested and Malaysia were the overall champions with a total haul of 145 gold medals.

This time around though, if all the 56 sports are contested, a highly unlikely scenario, there will be 522 gold medals up for grabs.

Looking at the chart above, it is a breakdown of the 145 gold medals won by Malaysia at the 2017 KL SEA Games based on the 38 sports.

It must be noted that some sports and disciplines will not be contested in Manila and looking at the 56 sports being offered, Malaysia could well participate in 41 to 48 sports in Manila.

This however is subject to the proposal and acceptance by the OCM Board on the new criteria for multi sports events as decided by an independent panel headed by Tan Sri Dr. M. Jegsthesan.

Ironically OCM has publicly stated that the committee will submit its report in January but it is learnt that they had concluded the recommendations before Deepavali.

It is therefore imperative that OCM Board deliberate, discuss and endorsed the findings of the panel before November 27 as the NSC is having a selection meeting to decide the athletes for the ; Tier programs.

With the top brass of OCM flying to Manila today, this is not expected to take place and the meeting on 27th could well lead to picking a needle from the haystack as NSC are known to be biased towards sports where their officials share a cordial relationship or do not air their displeasure in the public domain.

This is the situation Malaysian Sports is in – be damned if you care and be damned if you turn a deaf ear.

After all sports is being run by the aristocrats, who are we the commoners to say anything.

Let’s move to E Sports where the money is…….. wanna bet anyone!