A lesson in dialysis 

Many are not aware what dialysis entails thus I wish to share my experiences having suffered end stage TEBAL failure in April 2015. It was a bleak period as I really had no support from anyone, left to fend for myself and almost went into depression.

Eventually I decided that I needed to fight, as I do for all the wrongs in our sports scene,

Dialysis is a two-prong action, one to remove the urea from the body and to detoxify out blood, both functions normally done by our kidneys.

When I went in for dialysis on April 20, 2015, my wright was 105kg and three months later I was shrunk to 72kg.

That caused panic and many thought I was counting my days but the hours I spent on the chair undergoing dialysis got me to start reading on kidney patients and I decided to fight this,

My eyesight was getting affected and I had numerous operations and injections into my eyes, but that’s another story,

So when dialysis occurred, I am hooked on to a machine that has a “filter” that cleans the blood, in simple terms it’s as if one sends a car for a change of black oil, only thing here is that the same oil ( blood” goes out and back into the body.

Painful? Yes when the needle is pricked into your veins to start the process is extremely painful, when the body develops cramps due to the loss of water, salts, when the blood pressure drop and your vision blurred, cold sweat takes over and at time you feel that you are going, it scares the shot out of you.

Over the past two years I have seen a person dying while under kong dialysis, familiar faces no longer there as they have since gone to meet their maker.

So much so that one cannot help but feel will I be next?

When I first walked into dialysis I looked at the patients, sombre, sad and disillusioned, almost like the TV serial ” The Walking Dead”.

But the staff at the dialysis centre are fantastic, they give you hope and encourage you to live, to fight on, many a time I was on the verge of giving up but they egged you on, as if being a coach urging you on to cross the finish line.

One will never understand what dialysis is all about till you actually see the process.

I undergo dialysis sessions three times a week and those wishing to have a first-hand experience or feel like accompanying me as I sit four hours through the process are welcomed to join me and we can have a meaningful chat on sports.

Do I pen my thoughts while on dialysis? Well, unfortunately no as my thoughts are often penned when I lie awake on my bed in the middle of the night as the chemicals affect the body and sleep is hard to come by.

At beer, a 4 hour peaceful sleep is s luxury since two years ago.

How do I pass my time? Well I have tried to get jobs over the past two years but not been successful despite all the empty promises I received from Ministers, Event Organisers, Sports Administrators, Leaders of Sports Bodies and the NSC, ISN and the list goes on,

Why employ “the walking dead” right? Why give him a chance to live? Why do we care!

Some have gone to the extent of trying to hush me up through threats and taking away my bread and butter, but hey God wants me to finish some unfinished business.

That’s it for now, kind of a lesson for idiots in dialysis,

Have fun undermining a person that deserves help, have a feel good factor that you did something noble in life as you watch the pain and suffering yet never lifted a finger.
For I will continue yo gave you in my daily prayers for God to bless you .