BAM General Manager Kenny Goh met the Malaysian media after a hastily convened PC by the BWF. And alongside him was the BWF Deputy President Paisan Rangsikitpho.
The PC was targeted towards correcting some reports in the Malaysian media with regards to the cold war between BWF and BAM on the issue of the re-location of the BWF office in Kuala Lumpur and the non selection of Malaysian Open as a Premier Series event.
It resembled a poorly written drama, directed by the “senior government officer” as indicated by The Malay Mail on Wednesday.

Imagine this, within 24 hours of the report being published, BAM are now backtracking that they were to voice their displeasure on not getting the Premier Series and also that upon completion of the World Championships, BAM will identify a suitable office for BWF and this senior government officer will ensure that BWF are comfortable.

Presto, all is well and nothing was said about the role played by Datuk Razali Ibrahim, the Deputy Sports Minister, who ironically was the reason why this matter was resolved diplomatically and did not take the direction of an SMS sent that issued an ultimatum.

What baffled all present was that suddenly all is well, with fake smiles all around. 

I posed two questions, what is the win-win situation that BAM was talking about with regards to them not being awarded the Premier Series and also why did it take 8 months to decide the request by BWF on the re-location of their office from the mosquito infested Stadium KLBA to a more suitable venue?

You really do not want to know the answer to those questions – well I will still tell you.

Firstly Malaysia has no chance whatsoever given the current regulations on Premier Series to be included until 2014. But wait, Paisan did say that there could be changes to the rule though.

And on the office, well, both agreed that its was water under the bridge.

So who is this senior government officer then who seems to be all powerful?