Absence of Malice

There has been much speculation with regards to the departure of Datuk Misbun Sidek from the Badminton Association of Malaysia.
One tabloid even when on to the extent of stating that the reason was who Ramadan Misbun trains under as the root cause only to deny their own speculation today.
And some of the other dailies are quick to point the finger on Dato James Selvaraj, perhaps taking advantage of the cordial relationship James shares with Razif sidek, hence an opportunity to put two and two together.
But the real reason still remains a mystery to these journalists as they continue to hoodwink their readers and opt not to write the truth for the fear of hurting someone big, someone influential.
I was fortunate that Dato Misbun spent two hours with me on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Games, pouring out his grief and making it crystal clear as to what was wrong with BAM.
And that was followed up with a heart to heart talk with Dato Lee Chong Wei who stated his profound hatred for an individual within BAM.
Now we hear that there is that “special one” who is interfering with the sponsorship deal with Maybank, even to the extent of putting the whole deal into jeopardy.
Let’s take a leaf out of the incident involving the current NSC Director General Dato Zolkples Embong and his infamous fight against the late Indra Gunawan leading up to the Busan Asian Games in 2002.
No one is bigger then the sport, it was then decided as BAM let Indra go, so this time around, lets not change reality. If Misbun wants to go, let him go, let Chong Wei go, and lets not read too much into the fine print.
Unless of course BAM blunder and want Chong Wei to repay what they invested in him, as was the case with Roslin Sidek in 2001.
Maybe a new fund can be set up then to raise money for Chong Wei to repay BAM…