Adrian, showcases a Sabahan’s determination

In this modern day one seldom hears of sacrifices by players, especially when it comes to digging deep into their pockets to make dreams come true.

However it was truly heart warming to hear of the effort of 21 year old Sabahan Adrian Andy Albert.

He made the grade by being named as one of the 20 players for the national Hockey teams tour of Europe.

The youngster from Papar never thought that when he first put on his pads at Standard Four that he will one day be representing the country, the first Sabahan at senior international.

Adrian bought his own goalkeeping pads, costing him RM4,000 in order to be best equipped in between the posts.

And since he did not have the money to buy the equipment of his choice, Adrian was assisted by a former international who advanced the money.

“ I am grateful to him as he has helped me a lot in my career,” said Adrian.

“ I was not very comfortable with the earlier pads I used in the MHL and preferred the TK brand.”

Adrian does part time work as a despatch rider in order to earn a living as well as pay for the pads in an installment basis.

“ I am ok with this as this equipment is something that helps in me performing better,” confided Adrian who played in the 2017 Junior World Cup and more recently the MHL for UniKL.

“ I was fortunate to train alongside David ( Harte) and he helped me a lot to improve my techniques and gave me confidence,” said Adrian whose family is based in Sabah and he stays with some friends in KL.

“ I was really surprised when I was named into the team for Europe and I will double my efforts both in training and in matches if fielded.”

He admires former Dutch international keeper Jaap Stockman and adds that fellow keeper S. Kumar too provides him the push and confidence in training

“ I do hope some equipment sponsor will step forward to assist me so that I can have good equipment in order to be better protected and also play well,” added Adrian.

It is indeed a fairy tale story of a boy from Papar who sacrifices his earnings to buy equipment in order to achieve his dream of donning national colours.