Putting aside the issue of the flag bearer for the Olympic Games, Lee Chong Wei is all set for the battle for the coveted gold medal at Wembley Arena.
His reaction to queries from the members of the Malaysian media this morning exemplified the character of a humble person, ready to accept whatever the decision makers made, and above all remaining totally focussed at the task at hand – that is to end the barren gold medal run of the nation in the greatest multi sports event of all time.

“I have always made it clear that I will participate in the opening ceremony. Every athlete wants to be part of an opening or closing ceremony and why should I be any different. But being the flag bearer brings me added honour, thats about it. So really that is not my decision to make,” said Chong Wei who spent considerable time with members of the media after training at the Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara.
When provoked by a member of the media as to why he wanted to be in the march past for the opening ceremony when he was still recovering from the injury, Chong Wei was calm and composed in his answer.
“If I am to say that due to my injury I cannot take part in the march past, then really I should not even be in London,” was his response.
“All I said was I want to be part of the contingent in the march past. I have no intention of creating an issue.”
Later when speaking to this blogger, Chong Wei paid tribute to Pandalela Rinong, the diver nominated by the National Sports Council as the flag bearer.
“She is a wonderful athlete and if they pick her I would say she deserves the honour as well. Infact all those athletes who have qualified for the Olympics are deserving candidates,” said Chong Wei.
“Pandalela has done well for diving and has put Malaysia on the world map. I have no issue should the decision be in her favour as I too admire her achievements.”

Chong Wei also reiterated his call for privacy with regards to his statement that he will tie the knot next year.

“I do hope all of you will be patient and I will announce details after the Olympics are over. Not to worry I will invite all members of the media when the big day happens but it will not be this year,” joked Chong Wei.

“At the moment it is the Olympics on my mind and I hope Malaysians will pray that I return with the gold medal from the Olympics.

“Sports unites a nation and I hope we all remain united in our quest to bring glory to this great nation of ours.”