An Eulogy For Dato Dr. Harjit, as read out by his brother Dato Paramjit

The late Dato Dr. Harjit Singh was an individual for whims words are unable to describe in totality.

A much loved, admired and respected man, he touched many lives with his humility and charitable nature.

The son of a renowned cricketer Mewa Singh , it was of no surprise that Cricket was the sport that Dr. Harjit was going to opt for.

As a 3 year or 4 year old, as his father will walk behind him to follow him to play cricket.

We shared the same the same room, and daily Harjit would oil his bat with linseed oil every night and sleep with his bat.

But what an impact Dr. Harjit created so much so that it will not be wrong to bestow him the title “ The father of Johor Cricket.”

Dr. Harjit was a visionary man, he knew that Johor had tremendous potential in cricket.

This led to Dr. Harjit planning and raising funds to make the dream come true- The Johor Cricket Academy.

Dr. Harjit if I can be best described in these three words – Eat Cricket, Breathe Cricket, Lived Cricket.

He worked so hard that he sold his own house to make the dream come true, putting every dollar towards making it self sufficient.

That was what Dr. Harjit .

Prior to him being admitted to IJN for his operation , Dr. Harjit had reminded that no matter what happens, the Lall Singh Trophy must proceed on October 31.

As a mark of respect , no Bal was bowled at the Club Aman Oval this morning for a man who devoted his life to cricket.

How do we say good bye to such a person that will remain forever etched in our hearts and lives.

I am certain that most if not all of you gathered here will have fond memories in your hearts.

Keep them close to your hearts and say a prayer for Dr. Harjit as he is placed in the heavenly abode of Waheguru.

His kind and charitable nature was narrated to me by his brother Dato Paramjit.

“ Harjit as all of us were given transport money to school. But he will spend his money buying food for friends at the school canteen and he would walk hone, causing anxious moments to mum who had to drive and look for him.”

And when running his clinic, Dr. Harjit often treated and provided free medication to the needy.

A simpleton , Dr. Harjit served the Johor Sikhs Sports Council as President and contributed his services as Medical Doctor for the 9 editions of the Sultan of Johor Cup.

Even the foreign teams were smitten by Dr. Harjit who made it a point to shuttle from his clinic, Taman Daya Stadium and the hotels where the teams were residing.

If Cricket was his first love, the hockey must surely have been his second.

But the love of his life has to be Datin Kuldip Kaur and their children.

It is really sad that his children who are in Australia were unable to pay their last respects.

However hundreds of friends and acquaintances thronged both the wakes in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru as well as the cremation.

This clearly showed that Dr. Harjit was much lived and his death came as a shocker to many.

Dr. Harjit left us too soon, way too soon and as we grieve together with his family, let us depart from the Gurudwara that we will never ever forget this grand man that gave his heart and soul to sports.

No matter how much pain goes through our hearts since Dr. Harjit left us, let us celebrate the life of Dr. Harjit as how he would have wanted.

Let’s us all emulate Dr. Harjit – stay humble and never let anything pull us down.

Let’s all in our hearts say a prayer for the departed soul of Dr. Harjit as we observe a moment of silence.

Let’s all bow in respect to a great innings of Dr. Harjit and he walks from the wickets towards the garden of Gods heaven where we pray he rests in eternal peace.

Jo Boley Sonihal, Sat Sri

Note: Part of it was read out at Gurudwara Sahib Johor Baru today, this is the unedited version, apology for errors