Another trip to do fact finding and discussions on the possible placement of footballers in England will take place commencing tomorrow, Friday, March 5.

One member of the party, which among others comprises of the Deputy Sports Minister Dato Razali and NSC DG Dato Zolkples Embong, will have departed by today. His mission initially is to make arrangements for the two gentlemen to visit the Harimau Muda team in Slovakia.

So amongst others, as reported in the main stream media and through information gathered, is for Razali and Zol to visit Liverpool, Manchester United as well as Everton. Maybe the two gentlemen who went earlier were not able to close the deal, hence Zol and Razali are seen to be the final jigsaw in the puzzle.

I wonder what the fascination is about to visit top clubs in England, the likes of Liverpool, United, Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal? What development work have they done? Besides harping on Wayne Rooney being the product of Everton, seriously what development has these clubs achieved, but to buy players from smaller clubs.

So really Mr. Deputy Minister and Mr. Director General, if your core business is football, then I will understand the rationale to visit such big clubs. But if it is development that matters, then go to Sheffield United, Stoke City, Hull, Cardiff City, Reading and West Ham, for these are the clubs that really do developmental work.

It is the end products, the polished diamonds that are being beamed into our living rooms and it does not tke a rocket scientist to figure out that there must be a base before they become top names in the EPL.

And yes, while you are in Slovakia, please let us know why is it that now the team needs two cooks to be sent to prepare meal for the team. Was it not FAM that said all arrangements had been done and that all was well? So why is it and after thought, kind of like being a class F contractor that keeps filing in variation orders to increase the profitability.

Tell you what, since our boys are feeling cold, take our sun along too, oops kind of goofed there as that is something FAM cannot add to their wish list from the government.

So readers, let me tell you a litte secret, remember initially the government said it will give RM50 million for football but later it was RM10 million. Well the RM10 million is just the funds for fact finding missions such as this lah.