I wish to inform readers of this blog that I have withdrawn the nomination of this blog from the Astro Arena Awards.

This was already communicated to the organisers and the reason being was that I had not consented to being nominated in the first place. My main concern is that there are other bloggers who are up to date with happenings and also are featured in Arena shows hence should be accorded the privilege of being nominated for the award.

The other three nominees – Haresh Deol, Aiman and Christopher Raj are way beyond my league and are deserving candidates to win the award. So please do cast your vote for the trio.

I wish to commend Astro Arena for initiating an award for bloggers and their noble effort is surely appreciated by those who blog – without fear or favour.

My apology to Astro Arena for withdrawing and wish them all the best for the gala night scheduled for April 24.