Arul hauled up!

UniKL coach A. Arul Selvaraj will have to face the Technical Committee of the Malaysian Hockey League for unwarranted statements made to a local Malay daily last weekend after the match against Terengganu Hockey Team.

The remarks are said to be a breach of the code of conduct signed by all officials/players for the MHL.

Arul had remarked in the said article the following;

“Pada pandangan saya MHC perlu buat perubahan drastik, daripada mata kasar saya liga kita sekarang semakin menuju kemelesetan pemain yang berkualiti, ini mungkin disebabkan hanya tujuh pasukan saja yang bertanding dalam MHL.

“Selain itu jangka masa bermain dalam liga kita tidak mencukupi iaitu hanya lebih kurang tiga bulan saja selepas itu ke mana pemain ini pergi selain pemain kebangsaan? Bermain waktu petang saja tidak cukup kerana pemain perlu beraksi dalam liga yang kompetitif seperti dalam liga di Eropah.

“Jika tidak ada perubahan segera daripada MHC atau persatuan hoki, saya rasa kita bawa jurulatih terbaik dunia sekalipun dengan belanja berjuta-juta, pasukan hoki kita tidak akan ke mana bahkan tidak mustahil liga hoki kita akan ‘tutup kedai’ jika MHC tidak ada perancangan terbaik mengembangkan bakat dalam saingan kompetitif hoki.

“Justeru saya cadangkan tempoh liga kita perlu dipanjangkan seperti di Eropah selama lapan bulan dan perlu perbanyakkan liga hoki yang kompetitif dan pada saya penganjuran Piala Razak sudah tidak relevan,” kata Arul selepas tamat perlawanan Piala Sumbangsih di Stadium Hoki Batu Buruk, petang semalam.

How and which part of the statement that s considered detrimental to the MHL will be outlined in the charges is left to be seen.

It is learnt that the statement did not go too well with some quarters, especially with some sponsors of the sport as well.

The code of conduct clearly spells out on the type of statements that should be avoided and part of the excerpts of the code is as follows;

Public Statements

i. Public statements must be fair and reasonable and must not involve a personal attack on another player, umpire, appointed official or administrator.

ii. The MHC recognises that fair and reasonable comments on the game in general are essentially in the interests of everyone. However, it further recognises that in the interest of maintaining the generally excellent relations that currently exist between players, umpires and officials, it is necessary to ensure that any such comment and criticism be constructive. Any public statement therefore by a participant shall not comprise “ a personal attack”, upon any similar participant like himself also subject to the jurisdiction of the MHC.

iii. The MHC defines a “public statement” as follows:

Any statement in which the whole, part or essence, is made public. Such a statement may be made in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or by any electronic (Internet, E-mail, etc) or other means through the medium of television, radio or any other manner whatsoever, regardless of the circumstances in which the statement was made.

It is learnt that the Technical Committee will meet on Thursday to hear the explanation from Arul and his club.

However the Technical Committee has only jurisdiction over on Arul for the MHL and any punitive decision for a longer term can only be meted out by the MHC Disciplinary Board if the case is referred by the Technical Committee who at maximum could either let him off the hook with a stern warning, a limited match suspension or referral to the DB.

The title winning coach needs to come out with a reasonable defence or risk further action to be taken.