Arul outburst – MHC tasked with decision on it

The Technical Committee of the MHL has decided to refer UniKL coach A. Arul Selvaraj to the MHC for any further action it may deem fit.

Arul was hailed up for making media statement with regards to the MHL and it was construed as a breach of the Code of Conduct that was signed by all teams in the MHL.

The Technical Committee has no jurisdiction to impose any punitive action on matters outside the field of play and as such could only refer the case of “ bringing disrepute to the sport”.

Though Arul was given an opportunity to provide clarification, it was obvious that the Committee did not accept his explanation.

With the matter being referred to MHC, it is now left to be seen if the matter will be sent to the Disciplinary Board.

It was further learnt that the Technical Committee were bound by the regulations in the Code of Conduct that only allowed them to refer it back to the MHC Secretary ( but who is the Secretary is unknown).

In another matter, UITM were fined RM500 for not adhering to the attire regulations in the first match that was decided by the Technical Committee.