As expected, it’s a closed case in KLHA

Nothing changes in KLHA.

It seems to be living in a state of denial despite blatant abuse of power and flouting of Regulations by certain officials as if they are invincible.

And sadly those who warm the seats , in actual fact warm as they do nothing but sit” in the elected positions turn a “ close one eye “ approach towards these breaches.

Anyway as predicted, the case of the 2 Razak Cup coaches got swept under the carpet to put it literally.

It seems that only one side of the story was presented as the two coaches did not turn up for the meeting on Wednesday night.

So there was no two sides of the coin, hence no case to answer.

Therefore to their eyes, justice was done, no matter what the real story is.

It seems that many forget that these are coaches, individuals who are passionate to hockey. They have no time for politics, as simple as that. Hence they decided not to go, they must have a valid reason.

Anyway there is nothing to say except that the sport will continue to be taken to the cleaners.

The power to change things lies with the affiliates and if they are silent, then why are we even bothered to say or do anything.

All the best and as I stated in a prior article, a rap on the knuckles but I was wrong.

For this was a case where the victim was victimised !