As OCM open applications for Covid 19 Fund, silence though from NSC

Such is the apathy of national sports associations.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia set up a Covid 19 fund with an allocation of RM300,000 from its Trust Fund.

And the closing date for applications is May 3 with a decision to be made by May 7 on successful applicants.

However as of yesterday only five national associations submitted their applications.

There are a total of 35 full members of OCM with another 21 being associate members.

The guiding principles for the disbursement of the fund as stated by OCM in a circular to its members state:

i. Priority will be given to those NSAs who are:

• full members of the OCM;

• less well-funded;

• able to demonstrate that the shortage of funds is due to direct impact of the Covid-19


ii. Each eligible NSA is entitled to submit one (1) applicantion

iii. The maximum grant per application is RM10,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand

Ringgit only)

“ There May have been some confusion as the associate members may feel they are not eligible, “ said OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.

“ Everyone is entitled to apply but they must furnish us the relevant documentation.

“ We have a limited amount hence it is vital that only deserving cases receive the assistance.

“ There is no discrimination cos in any organisation, full and associate members enjoy different benefits under the constitution.”

The grant may be utilized to cover any of the following expenses:

• Monthly rental for NSA’s office space except those whose office is at the Wisma


• Salary and/or allowance of employees, coaches and athletes;

• Administrative expenses;

• Others as may be deemed fit by the Trust Management Committee.

While the OCM has extended assistance within their means to national sports associations, the NSC which receives millions from the treasury have been silent on this.

After all most activities are at a standstill and there will be plenty of savings.

Unless of course only selected associations receive any assistance or there may be plans to build another building in the already crowded NSC Complex.