Next year will see a new competition for ASEAN Clubs, in the form of a league.

In revealing this, FAM Deputy President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said that both clubs and state teams from Malaysia could apply to join the league.

Hence the issue of signing on more foreign players should not arise. Tengku Abdullah said this when met after the launch of the Sultan Johor Cup Hockey Tournament in response to a question as to any changes to the current limit of two foreign players in the M-League.

“The AFF will be introducing an ASEAN League for clubs next year and I believe that they will be more open towards foreign players,” said Tengku Abdullah.

“Actually it’s a question of affordability and proper management as some of our teams can afford to sign more then two.

“Perhaps we ought to have a re-look at our regulations and increase the quota accordingly.”

Talking about a re-look, Tengku Abdullah said that in Malaysia there is a tendency to resort to punishing rather then looking to resolve issues through discussions and understanding.

He said this when asked on the impasse between the Terengganu FA and their coach Peter Butler who has seen his contract terminated after being suspended for 6 months on frivolous charges.

“I view the development with concern as this could turn ugly and is not conducive for Malaysian football. We have regulations in place and have to look more deeply,” said Tengku Abdullah.

“Butler has options available to him by taking this matter to international level and FAM has to view this matter seriously.”

With regards to reports of Dato K. Rajagobal willing to make way should Malaysia fail to qualify for the Asia Cup in 2015, Tengku Abdullah quipped;

“Let us looks at how the team performs in the AFF Cup rather then talk about something that is years away. It is the current situation that we should look at and achieve results.”