Asian Champions Trophy, Men and Women Postpined

As revealed by this scribe, the Men’s and Women’s Asian Champions Trophy has been postponed.

Scheduled for Match , both the events will be held later this year on a yet to be determined month, most likely in November though the Asian Hockey Federation is yet to decide the month.

A tough decision but one that had to be undertaken by AHF with safety, well being of the players and officials rightfully cited as the reasons for this decision by AHF.

Below is part of the notification sent out by AHF to the teams today/

“ After consulting with the hosts, participating teams and FIH, the Asian Hockey Federation unfortunately informs today that the Men’s Asian Champions Trophy and must be postponed.

“The decision to postpone has been reached after consultation with the host, FIH and all participating NAs. This decision is motivated by concern for athletes’ safety, health, and athletes’ welfare and threat of uneven circumstances and unfavourable conditions faced by the participating teams.

“AHF believes that under present challenging circumstances all the teams should have equal chance to prepare their athletes. The vastly different conditions our Member NAs face, with some currently training and competing as normal in their countries while other teams are prohibited from even training by strict lockdowns, have also influenced our decision.

“The AHF puts on record and appreciates the Bangladesh Hockey Federation for their extraordinary efforts to secure the Men’s Asian Champions Trophy. Unfortunately, the circumstances and ongoing pandemic have forced an unfavorable outcome.

“Hence, the AHF reaches the unfavourable decision of postponing the Hero Men’s Asian Champions Trophy.

“In a similar manner the AHF has also postponed the Women’s Asian Champions Trophy that was planned to be held in Donghae Korea from 31 March to 7 April 2021 for the same reasons and circumstances mentioned for the Hero Men’s Asian Champions Trophy 2021.