Azim looks into Athletes Safety issues with PDRM

With the safety of the Asian Games bound Athletes a priority, the Olympic Council of Malaysia held a meeting with the Royal Malaysian Police to discuss the security issues in Indonesia.

Let by the Chef De Mission Dato Seri Azim Zabidi and his two assistants Dr. Vela and Dato Dr. SS Cheema, the recent incidents of fury by the Indonesian fans both at the Football arena as well as social media was discussed with a team of PDRM officers led by Supt Ahmad Taufik Haji Kutik was held at OCM this noon.

Also present was Dato Nazifuddin Najib, the Secretary General of OCM.

“ We were briefed on the current security situation in Indonesia, in particular where the events of the Asian Games will be held,” said Azim.

“ The PDRM will coordinate with its security team in our embassy in Jakarta and provide us with the necessary assistance and advise.

“ The Athletes will also be advised not to provoke the fans by not celebrating over enthusiastically to an extent it will irk the bone supporters.”

Azim added that the main concern was on sports like football, Badminton and silat.

“ We are satisfied with the briefing done and the steps taken to endure the safety of our continent in Indonesia,” added Azim.

“ Though there will not be any personnel from PDRM travelling with the contingent, I believe that they have taken the necessary surveillance to enhance the safety measures.”

Azim also called upon the athletes and officials to be more careful in their postings on social media