Badminton Academy — Will it be the answer?

Is having a Badminton Academy an answer to the ills that plague that sport?

The decision by BAM to house all its student players at the ABM in Bukit Kiara may not prove to be conducive after looking at what had transpired over the years.

For those who may not realise of have opted to forget, BAM had such an academy in the 1990’s with the players houses together And studying at the Garden School, this was located near Kg Pandan.

But it closed down as it did not deliver what was desired and even the existence of the Bukit Jalil Sports School did not help matters.

As a matter of fact having players housed together creates all kind of problems – as BAM is well aware off, with disciplinary problems both at Kiara in the past where players sneaked out at night and the gambling problem lately at Bukit Jalil.

Academies are no guarantee to bring in the desired results.

Just look at the failure of the state football academies where it not only created mismanagement but also failed to produce quality footballers.

The correct way towards arresting the decline of a sport is to identify the root cause – an one does not need a task force to do this.

The problem lies in schools, the first port of stop for a budding badminton player,

It is the lack of opportunities at schools that force parents to send kids to private run academies which really are commercially run as any business minded person will and ought to do.

There was a glimmer of hope when the Air Asia Junior League was introduced, but it ended up to be a rush job, many states opting to hold it over a 3-4 day period.

A league is a league, played over a duration of time, providing the competitive edge to kids and nurturing them to excel over a period of time with systematic training and correcting their flaws.

A properly run League will allow competition over the weekend and corrective measures of tactical and individual play at training sessions.

But what was the motive of having such a League? For the sake of having it?