Many a time I wonder if politicians know what they are talking about or even if they think they do, who actually provides them with wrong facts.

For example the badminton fraternity is suddenly all abuzz with the announcement of allocation for a badminton academy in Bukit Kiara.

The truth of the matter is that having an academy is an old story, not a new idea mooted by the current regime in charge at BAM.

Malaysia had an academy at Taman Maluri Cheras and that was closed down for no apparent reason, and to top it all it was a collaboration with Seri Garden, an international school.

Then in 1996 land was allocated behind the Police Training Centre in Cheras for a national training centre cum academy and this was at one time moved to the current sports centre in Kampung Pandan.

Next thing you know is land was allocated along the Kesas Highway and BAM started making all kind of statements about what it will contain and so forth.

Today BAM officials have stated how enthusiastic they are that the goverment has approved their request for the academy to be built in Bukit Kiara.

The moral of the story – it is an old idea, an old suggestion and its obvious that BAN does not have any inkling how to go about having an academy.

The same as how they have no inkling of building the next generation of players nor netting an Olympic gold or even winning a world championship title as lesser countries in badminton like USA and England have in their ranks world champions at one time or another.

So stop claiming credit and just vacate the positions if unable to produce results for the sport is not a family heirloom to be passed from one corporate figure to another as there is such a thing as clean and fail elections.

Unless of course some can be bought by a mere junket…..