Lifted from Utusan Malaysia, an editorial comment by Awang Selamat.
BAM and Nadzmi
The barrage of criticism by various quarters on the leadership of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has attracted public interest.
This follows the failure of the Malaysian badminton team to surpass the quarter final of Thomas Cup in Wuhan, China, recently. This is the second time that Malaysia failed to break the barrier of the quarter final after the black history of 2004.
Among the criticism hurled at BAM is the failure to create many stars and being too dependent on Lee Chong Wei, as well as the weakness in planning.
Also criticising BAM is former national champion, Cheah Soon Kit, who is coach to the team of teenage players. He said that the association has always given archaic answer every time it fails to make any mark.
His conclusion: BAM is only focusing on its preparation for Thomas Cup whereas the reality is that there are many weaknesses that must be overcome.
Former BAM President, Elyas Omar is more hitting in his comment. He said BAM need drastic change and major reshuffle. “If I hold the helm of the association for 12 years and did not achieve anything, then it is a problem,” he said.
Awang is also puzzle over the direction of BAM. After 20 years, Malaysia still fail to bring back the Thomas Cup home since the last time it did so in 1992 under the stewardship of Elyas.
Today, Malaysia’s ranking in the world dropped to sixth position. The achievement of countries which have no excellent record in the sport like Japan and Thailand, are rising.
Malaysia, which is among the top world power house of badminton in the 1960s and early 1990s, has failed to rise. BAM should not allow the sport to face the same fate as sepaktakraw. Act before it is too late.
Awang believes that BAM President, Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh who holds the position since 2000, get a clear message. Awang agree with Elyas that Nadzmi should make way for others.
He should not feel that his reputation is at stake by allowing others to take over BAM leadership.
Although the move is no guarantee of providing total solution, change must start somewhere especially at the leadership level. We should inculcate the culture of accountability including in sports body. While Awang recognise the big contribution of Nadzmi to the sports of badminton, he should also be realistic and read the voices of the majority. In life, a time will come when our era is gone. That’s how life is.