Well those smart enough will figure that out on how to fill in the spaces.

My earlier posting touched on just how low BAM will go in trying to fix the doubles duo of Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen.

Well after looking at the letter BAM sent to the Kedah and Selangor BA’s, my take is, to borrow a phrase often used by a renowned Sports Editor, is that BAM lacked scrotum gumption to initiate any action on the duo.

And the had the gall to ask the two State BA to initiate action on the duo, of which BAM will be fully supportive.

Ever heard the phrase – baling batu sembunyi tangan? That aptly describes the action of the BAM.

If writing directly to the President of BAM seeking justice is a cause for disciplinary action, then millions who wrote to the Prime Minister can be jailed I guess. So the members of the public should now go through their JKKK before even thinking of talking to their ADUN or MP.

Coming back to BAM, wonder how high is the pedestal that their officials are perched on?

But look back at what you did on May 13 as you in BAM too did not follow procedures and wrote to the players directly.

So BAM, will heads roll in your office as well? Or you practice what you preach – double standards.