It is difficult to put a price on the country that all Malaysians love as it is peaceful and a pleasant place to stay.

However it is sad that the Badminton Association of Malaysia values Malaysia less than RM1.5 million

Just look at the playing attire of the Malaysian Thomas Cup. The Malaysian flag is now placed on the right side, lower than another sponsor while a telco’s logo has acquired the position where all normal persons would have placed – right over the heart.

With Maybank pumping in a cool RM7 million a year, it is a shame that BAM is treating the Malaysian flag with scant respect.

For those who may not understand the regulations, a player is allowed to display five logos/adverts on the front and in the case of BAM they have Maybank, the Malaysia flag, the cable TV station, the Telco and the attire sponsor

It was with great fanfare that BAM had announced the inclusion of the Telco, with statements like its was because BAM was doing well that sponsors were clamouring to get in.

So how come they have not publicly stated that two sponsors who were with them through thick and thin have since left

There can be no value cap on the Malaysian flag and those responsible should be shown the exit from BAM and even Malaysia for total disrespect to the Jalur Gemilang