Suddenly they have a High Performance Committee, headed by the great Hon. Secretary and assisted by Dato James Selvaraj and Wong Ah Jit.

It was a charade, a hogwash, a show or a circus calling for applicants.

Guess AJ will not be granted a pass to watch the semis and finals of Malaysian Open.

And by the way a retired sports editor was given a MEDIA pass I am told. There I was proven right that only Ah Chong, Ah Fatt or Ah Meng can get passes.

By the way all the names for the Thomas Cup are right but not Fairuz and Zakry.

So will those who made the decision to name the squad resign if we do not make it to the Thomas Cup final rounds.

Do it lah please if you practice what you preach – in the interest of the nation. But then again if you resign you lose the junket to London Olympics right.

And this High Performance Committee was a hogwash of idea that was only decided last night