It is clearly a case of high handedness on the part of BAM officials as they have shown that they are masters of shifting goalposts.

While the case of Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen is still in the process of mediation thus making it sub judice to discuss it, the decision by the C&T Committee, which mind you is the all powerful body of BAM- even higher then the Council, will leave readers baffled and realize what the true intentions of BAM are.

For effective now, independent players who come to spar at BAM cannot be accompanied by their coaches or trainers, meaning that if you are invited to someone’s house, you are not allowed to bring along anyone else, not even your parents.

The rationale that this BAM official put forward is that it creates uneasiness. Well if Malaysians start to treat fellow Malaysians in such a manner, then we might as well throw the 1 Malaysia concept out.

And the best is saved for the last, for any player not in good standing with BAM ( read straight and not in between the lines ), he will not be allowed to spar at BAM.

Get the message!

Well it is clear that these two officials have shown that the adage in the interest of the nation is pure bull for it’s their and their henchmen interest that comes first.

So much for talking about working alongside to help badminton when it’s obvious cementing their position is more vital then everything else.

Well the whole world is getting rid of dictators but in Malaysia we have some wanna be dictators in the making.