BAM to launch junior league this Saturday 

The Badminton Association of Malaysia will be launching a junior league for schools this Saturday.

In a move to further develop the sport amongst the grass roots, the initiative by BAM will undoubtedly pave the way for talented players to be identified at an early stage as well as ensure that more will get an opportunity to move up the ladder instead of the present regimented system that has obviously failed.

In revealing this, BAM President Dato Seri Mohammad Norza Zakaria was optimistic that this endeavour by BAM will get the support from schools after BAM had discussed this with the Ministry of Education.

” We are looking at a two division league to cater for those , below 18 years old, revealed Norza.

We will be working with the MOE and the participation is open to all schools in the states.

” We are looking at adopting the Thomas and Uber Cup formats. However this is still under discussion and we are also working on prize money structure but it will not much. 

“The objective of holding this league is giving empowerment and mandate to states to assist BAM to unearth new talents in a large scale. 

” Hopefully the introduction of the league will incite excitement at the state levels. 

” Our plan is to make it home n away instead of zoning or carnival basis with the top teams brought together for a national level finals.”

Indeed should this initiative by BAM take off, it could well lead the way for other national sports bodies to follow suit as schools have often been neglected although they are the best avenues towards developing athletes of the future.

In the 60s, 70″s and 80″s sports used to be widely contested amongst schools but a change of format to inter district and zones diluted the inter school rivalry and sports suffered as a whole.

The introduction of sports schools further compounded the problem as youngster could no longer develop within their natural habitat and were forced to part ways with parents and siblings at a young age.

This league will no doubt see an active participation of parents as well and the inter school rivalry will sure invoke memories of the past for many.

It is hoped many will step forward as sponsors for the league as BAM has taken a bold move to make badminton great again, never fearing to take a step back into history in order to move two steps forward in the near future.