Battle Royale For Hon Sec Post at OCM is ON

The • battle Royale” for the coveted Hon. Secretary position of the Olympic Council of Malaysia is definitely ON.

The two candidates, incumbent Dato Low Beng Choo and challenger Dato Nazifuddin Najib are not compromising and have both decided to go for broke.

There was talk that efforts were being made to get Nazifuddin to vie for the Deputy President post or Beng Choo for the Vice President position, but both refused to budge and OCM is set to lose one of them at the coming elections.

A seen hand is behind all of this “ fight” and it’s all due to the duo actually being played against each other.

But both candidates are matured enough to know this yet seem to be oblivious to this fact.

The sanity of sports is paramount and OCM is considered as the “ last frontier” to prevent a total control of NSC/NSI over sports in the country.

But slowly but surely this has been Arifin’s over the past few years and it is clear that both the government agencies have usurped the powers and rights of the National sports associations by holding the purse, although they fail to realise that they are guardians and not owners of the tax payers money.

Blind faith, intimidation as well as undue influence seem to be the characteristics of Malaysian sports where those running the national sports bodies merely warm seats, hardly do the work they are to do and above all pay total disregard to their very own constitution.

But what I find weird and perplexed in this battle for the Hon. Secretary position is that both the candidates could end ip on the losing end, never mind who wins at the ballot box.

It has been said that the OCM constitution will be soon changed to create a position for a Chief Executive Officer.

And this could probably happen within this year, this rendering the Hon. Secretary position to one of a “ glorified clerks.”

Is that really what these two candidates want?

Between the two candidates, one is considered naive, unproven and a new born in sports while the other while experience is often labeled as arrogant, outspoken and to a certain extent a proponent of the song “ My Way”.

While both have every right to campaign, and so far it has been conducted fairly, it is two individuals that have “ T” that have been behaving worse then thugs, using terms that border defamation that could put them in hot soup.

Also the using of staff in NSC, OCM and NSI to campaign for the candidates of their “ bosses” choice.

Suffice to say one senior government official is known to have openly questioned the ability of one or f hear two candidates, a conduct unbecoming of a person of his stature.

So belt up, be prepared for a roller coaster of a dirty, mud slinging and corrupt election campaign.

For me it’s like watching a movie, get the blanket out, put on my 3D glasses, a large pop corn and a coke, and let’s watch it unfold,

I already know the end of this blockbuster , not surprised as the script is often the same, but sadly it’s like the Hindi movie Sholay where the real hero dies well before the movie is over.

In this case sport loses no matter who wins