Be Transparent OCM

There seems to be a Cold War between the NSC/KBS and the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

And it has been simmering after OCM went ahead and announced the appointment of the Chef De Mission for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

This is what was reported in local daily on January 15.

“The OCM board also have agreed on Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) president Huang Ying How being the chef de mission for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia”

However checks with some OCM Board Members  revealed that only a discussion took place but the decision was deferred as the Minister had yet to be consulted.

While it is the prerogative of OCM to appoint the  Chef De Mission, it is by convention that the selection is run by the NSC who normally report it to the Sports Minister as the entire funding for multi  sports events are  derived from the government agency, hence the consultation and joint decision making.

To be fair to OCM they had waited over three Board Meetings for NSC Director General to attend and address the issue.

But it seems the DG could not spare time to attend the last three OCM Board Meetings, sending officers who were not able to make decisions.

And from what is gathered from sources in Bukit Jalil, the Sports Minister was peeved with the decision and those responsible were given apiece of his mind.

The lack of transparency by OCMi in making the selection has also raised eyebrows amongst the National Sports Associations as there is no clear guidelines or process in place for the selection, rather its ” I scratch your back and you scratch mine.”

The  absence of a guideline also sees an individual being appointed as Chef De Mission for two consecutive games, a record by itself.

Billy Johan of Ice Skating was appointed as Chef De Mission for the Saporo Winter Asian Games when only last year he was the Chef De Mission for the Youth WinterI Olympic Games.

Baffling, well consider this as well, OCM rushes to appoint the CDM for a multi sports event next year but has yet to appoint the two Assistant Chef De Missions for the 2017 SEA Games where NSC’s Arrifin Ghani and Jeffry Ngadirin were shortlisted.

OCM should rightfully open it up for nominations and vet the candidates as there are many deserving personalities out there that could, should and ought to be given an opportunity to serve the nation,

The number of multi sports events has increased from 4/5 in four years cycle to 12/14 currently, so a fair system should be in place.

Let’s not start rewarding cronies as sports is about fair play, on the field of play and off it.

Thus the OCM Board should have a re/look at the appointment and make it as transparent as possible, especially as there is the 2018 Asian Games to think about.

And while looking at the Chef De Missions appointment, the OCM Board should also look at the selection of Secretariat staff for the various games as it should be rotated amongst affiliates and not based on friendship or any other criteria.