Soldiering on despite losing a loved one is a difficult thing to do. What alone when the person that paasses away is someone who made you what you are today.
Thus it was a major effort for Chin Eei Hui who played in the German Open and All England Championships after losing her dad a week ago.

Eei Hui and her partner Wong Pei Tty lost in the opening round at the All England and she realises her hopes and aspirations of playing at the London Olympics is fast slipping away.

But the fighter Eei Hui is, she is not giving up without a fight and looks forward to the four tournaments to rake in as much points as she and her partner can to keep the hopes alive.

For the record the duo lost to China’s Tian Qinhg/Zhao Yunley, who are the tournaments second seeds, 17-21,14-21, a much better performance then their defeat at the Uber Cup last month.