Budget Cuts

While the National Sports Council are within their rights to cut budgets for National Sports Associations, one wonders if they are really serious about saving money.

Yesterday a national bowler vented his frustration with regards to the cutting down of allocation for his sport and took NSC to task for their failure to give due respect to the sport which had delivered at the Asian Games.

But while to a certain extent I agree with the NSC to focus on London 2012, just how much more will it cost to fund the limited number of athletes who will qualify and eventually compete in London next year?

Will NSC be transparent enough to declare what was the travel cost for it’s officials who have been to overseas for their so called lawatan sambil belajar, tinjauan atlit as well as mengiringi Menteri?

And at the same time also make available figures with regards to how much the Industri Sukan labs and it’s subsequent formation of secretariat cost, and please do not forget the recent Lindon trip which was a sheer waste of money.

Now if figures for the wife of the PM can be made public, why not the cost for the Sports Ministry together with the NSC?

And from there alone we will be able to judge if cost cutting is justified.

While you are at it, can you also tell us why your officials are all over the world while national bodies are made to tighten their belts?