CEO, COO. What’s in a name… plenty

The furore of the appointment of the Chief Operating Officer of the Olympic Council of Malaysia has somewhat simmered down.

It was denial after denial made by the leadership of OCM to refute reports that one Ms. Ung Su Ling was the designated appointee.

Whether that is true or not only those present at the OCM Board meeting on that fateful Tuesday can answer the question.

Each OCM Board meeting historically is taped in order to write minutes of the meeting and to clear the air in event of a dispute. And there would have been the sane done at that meeting.

But will we ever hear the tape? Just to prove that all reports published were “ fiction” , “ heresay” or better still as one scribe puts it an embarrassment!

This is something that will play in the conscience of those present on Tuesday’s meeting and also on Friday when the script changed.

Ok , so you did not name a COO. Let’s be totally ignorant and naive to believe that angles.

So care to explain why there was a change as the advertisement that appeared on social media as well as in print clearly stated that OCM was looking for a Chief Executive Officer.

Never once was it stated that the position being offered was that if a COO.

Let’s first take a look at the difference of the two positions to better understand the equation.

The CEO is often the highest ranking officer of the company. The COO reports to the CEO.

The CEO title is often given to or held by the Chairman of the Board or the President while the COO is often held by the ranked Vice President of the company.

As stated by this website, the OCM constitution clearly states that the President of OCM is the CEO.



20.1. The President shall be the Chief Executive of the OCM and shall preside at all General Assemblies and meetings of the Executive Council and the Executive Board.

Hence it will be good if OCM owns up to say they made a genuine mistake in looking for a CEO.

Next the need for a COO.

This is subjective if one was to look at the scenario as a whole,

Firstly OCM has an elected Secretary General and two elected Assistant Secretary General’s.

And they also have in employment a General Manager.

If the need is to bridge the gap between the administration and the decision makers, i.e. the management and the Executive Board, surely you just have to sit down and talk things over, not create a wedge by bringing in a third party that is merely there to carry out the desires of certain individuals who do not know what team work is all about,

Financially this is not a good decision as OCM have lost income from the hotel that is vacant since July last year and it could well reach RM1 million within a year,

So why spend money you can ill afford yet threaten affiliates with legal action for delayed repayments of the Asian Games?

Let’s say the incoming COO is to be paid RM2.5,000 per month, that works out to be RN300,000 per year.

Now thinking aloud, take that RM300,000 and distribute it amongst the lesser sports, say something like 20 national sports associations for administrative grants, and you will please some 20 Associations yearly and help sports as a whole.

But if you can afford it, go ahead, get a CEO if you really need one.

After all what’s in a name many may ponder!

Another baffling thing is the lack of understanding of the constitution

It was largely reported that OCM will announce their COO by end of April.

However the decision needs to be endorsed by the OCM Council as per the constitution that states;

Article 15:

The Executive Council of the OCM

Article 15.2.11-to obtain the service of any person, Association, company, corporation, firm or any other body or organisation for the purpose of conducting any business or affairs of the OCM.

Hence a meeting of all affiliates of OCM needs to be called to endorse the decision,

Interesting tunes ahead as the focus is not correcting things but to find out who leaked information to me.

A particular official has branded both me and Dato Sieh Kok Chi as troublemakers.

Thank you for the compliment, will we be given an award at your annual dinner later this year?