It was one-way traffic in the morning session of the team event at the Commonwealth Games as all the winning teams registered 5-0 margin of victory at the Siri Fort Stadium in New Delhi.
And none of the winning teams dropped a set as most of them opted to juggle their line-ups.
Malaysia defeated Isle of Man 5-0 with England too registering a similar score line against Falkland Island. Also winning with a 5-0 score line was Australia over Seychelles, Canada against Uganda as well as Singapore who trounced Northern Island.
The defending champions rested some of their key players for the morning matches, as did England, as both these teams will take to the courts once against this evening, playing against Seychelles and Jamaica respectively.
World number one Lee Chong Wei, fresh from winning the Japan Open, played effortlessly as he defeated Joshua Green 21-16,21-6.
It was more of a workout for me as I wanted to get a feel of the playing conditions,” said Chong Wei.
Besides we have another match later, but the coaches have yet to decide if I will play.”
For Joshua, the chance of playing against the reigning world number one was an experience he was not likely to forget for a long time.
It was as if I was playing against two opponents at the same time. That is how fast Chong Wei plays,” said Joshua.
England too rested their key players in the likes Rajiv Ouseph and split the pairing of Anthony Clark/Nathan Robertson in the doubles.
Clark partnered Chris Addock with England preferring to give Robertson a rest after his flag bearing exploits at the opening ceremony last night.
Malaysia 5 Isle of Man 0
Koo Kien/Keat/Chin Ee Hui def Mathew John Wilkinson/Kimberly Helen Clague 21-5,21-7
Lee Chong Wei def Joshua Green 21-16,21-6
Wong Mew Choo def Cristen Elizabeth Callow 21-6,21-6
Chan Peng Soon/Muhammad Hafiz Hashim def Joshua Green/Mathew John Wilkinson 21-10,21-5
Goh Liu Ying/Woon Khe Wei def Kimberly Helen Clague/Cristen Elizebeth Callow 21-7,21-12
Singapore 5 Nothern Ireland 0
Chayut Triyacarat/Lei Yao def Mathew Cleave/Sinead Chambers 21-13,21-18
Derek Wong Zi Liang def Tony Stephenson 21-13,21-17
Aiyiong Xing def Caroline Black 21-7,21-5
Hendri Kurniawan Saputra/Hendra Wijaya def Tony Stephenson/Mathew Gleave 21-15,21-12
Yuyan Vanessa Neo/Shinta Mulia Sari def Sinead Chambers/Caroline Black 21-13,21-16
Australia 5 Seychelles 0
Kate Wilson Smith/Nicholas Kidd def Georgia Winsley Cupidion/Juliette Chantai Ah-Wan 21-12,21-12
Jeff Tho def Steve Hansley Malcounze 21-8,21-15
Huang Chia Chi def Allisen Yutrina Therese Camille 21-8,21-9
Ross Smith/Raj Veeran def Steve Hansley Malcounze/Georgia Winsley Cupidon 21-6,21-10
Renuga Vithi Veeran/Leanne Choo def  Allisen Yutrina Therese Camille/Juliette Chantai Ah-Wan  21-7,21-7
Canada 5 Uganda 0
Toby Ng/Grace Gao def Abraham Kennedy Wogute/Gloria Catherine Najjuka 21-4,21-16
David Snider def Edwin Ekiring 21-7,21-19
Anna Rice def Margeret Nankabirwa 21-9,21-6
Jon Vandervet/Toby Ng Wilson Tukire/Brian Ssuuna 21-3,21-8
Alex Bruce/Grace Gao def Margaret Nankabirwa/Bridget Shamin 21-4,21-2
England 5 Falklands 0
Chris Adcock/Gabby White def Douglas James Clark/Anne Luxton 21-6,21-7
Carl Baxter def Michael Stewart Brown Lee 21-3,21-7
Liz Cann def Laura Jayne Minto 21-2,21-3
Anthony Clark/Chris Adcock def Douglas James Clark/Michael Stewart Brown Lee 21-3,21-7
Heather Oliver/Mariana Agathangelou def Anna Luxton/Sofia Arkhipina 21-2,21-4