Chong Wei – It was a tough period these 3 months.

To hell and back.

That’s how Dato Lee Ching Wei felt over what had transpired in the past few months in his Badminton career.

From being the toast of Malaysian sports, Chong Wei had to endure all kind of criticisms both in the social media, Badminton and sports fraternity as well as the general sporting world.

Early exits at the World Championships coupled with the same at the Danish and French Opens brought upon a barrage of perceptions that Chong Wei found hurtful yet was perplexed by how society views failure.

“ It was a torrid time I underwent, as I had to do plenty of soul searching to see where I went wrong,” Said Chong Wei minutes after defeating Chen Long in the final of the Hong Kong Open.

“ Many Who had showered me praise in the past suddenly became my harshest critics, changing their time with ease.

“ There was nothing wrong with my game, tactics but I suppose it was just a phase that I was going through in my Badminton career.

“ I withdrew into a shell, trying to compose myself and determined to change things around.

“ While many criticised me there were many more that provided me with encouragement and support to get through this difficult period.

“ I rate this win as an important one as it will help me relaunch my career and at the same time repay the faith fans, BAM and the sports fraternity had in me.”

Chong Wei said that he was under no pressure to perform at Hong Kong although he knew deep inside that another failure would have led to more criticism.

“ It’s time for me to get back on court and focus towards achieving a good finish to the year by doing well at the Super Series Finals next month,” added Chong WEI who flys back this afternoon.

“ I want to keep playing till I can and as I said before until someone can defeat me here, I am still the number one in this country,

“ I want to bring more honour and glory to this nation and the one and only way I can do that is by winning tournaments.

“ Let’s all hope that the bad times are behind me and I look forward to 2018 with renewed enthusiasm.”