Relentless is the key word to describe Lee Chong Wei’s march into the third round of the World Championships at the Wembley Arena in London this afternoon.

He is totally focussed on the task at hand and brushed aside the potential threat posed by Korea’s Park Sung Hwan on Thursday, describing it as just another opponent who stands in his path to the elusive world crown.

Not even the fact that Park has a reputation for being a giant killer, as evident from his exploits in Paris last year where he sent defending world champ Lin Dan of China packing, ironically at the third round as well.

” I am taking it as one game at a time and I want to be around on Sunday,” said Chong Wei in reference to the day when the finals will be contested.

” It does not bother me about what Park has done in the past as how he plays tomorrow is what matters to me.

” I am confident that I will get past him and the last time we lined up against each other was in the Sudirman Cup.”

With the back injury not troubling him, Chong Wei however had one concern, the changes in the speed of the shuttle.

” In my first match the shuttle was slow and today it was even slower, thus it takes time to settle down,” said Chong Wei.

On the fact that Chen Long, who was said to be the player who could derail Chong Wei’s hopes of making Sunday’s final, being knocked out in the first round, Chong Wei had this to say ,;

” As one of the hopes from China I believe the pressure got to him but he is still young and will learn from the defeat. That is the risk top players go through as our opponents have nothing to lose hence throw caution into the wind and attack relentlessly.”