Chong Wei speaks his mind

Lee Chong Wei will not be part of Malaysia’s Thomas Cup campaign in the future.
In other words the failed quest for the Thomas Cup will be the last Malaysians will see Chong Wei in the inter team event.
Below is my phone interview with Chong Wei today, having received two calls earlier in the day from the darling of Nalaysian Badminton.
” Words cannot describe how I feel now. Of course it is disappointing but this is reality.
” Losing in such a manner is obviously very painful. We had taken a 2-0 lead and won the first game of the second doubles.
‘ I am totally gutted at the turn of events as I wanted so much to deliver the Thomas Cup for the Malaysian public who have always supported Badminton.
” We cannot blame any player as we were simply not good enough to win, and the sooner we accept that fact the better it will be for our future.
” Iskandar tried his best but the pressure got to him. He was put in the deep end and did his level best but he just could not get his act together.
” As for the doubles and Wei Fung, I cannot fault them for trying as they did what they could under the circumstances
‘We have a long way to go to win the Thomas Cup and I hope BAM will look very hard into their planning.
” The squad is the best we have in the country so it’s not fair to blame anyone for the want of trying.
“I have decided not to play in the next Thomas Cup campaign although I am certain I will still be the number 1 ranked Malaysian  player in two years time.
“Anyone that wants to take my place as the top ranked player will have to earn their stripes as I will play on in the various tournaments.
” I am back in Malaysia on Mobday and on the courts on Tuesday, preparing for the Indonesian Open as I will leave for on Saturday.
” Once again I apologise to all Malaysisns for our failure at the Thomas Cup. There are lessons to be learnt and I do hope those responsible will take heed of it.
“It is not my job to tell others how todo their work. Suffice to say I will do my talking on the court.”
From my assessment there was surely something wrong in China and hopefully I will be able to write more once I meet Chong Wei for coffee on Tuesday, my health permitting.