Lee Chong Wei booked a place in the semis of the London Olympics when he defeated India’s Kashyap Parpulli 21-19, 21-11 at the Wembley Arena.

And he declared that he was ready for Chen Long in the semi finals which will take place at 1330H London time ( 8.30pm Malaysian time).
“I must give credit to Kashyap as he stretched me in the first set. He has improved much from the last I played him at the Danish Open,” said a rather relaxed looking Chong Wei after the match.
“It was good that I have a tough match before playing Chen Long as this suits my preparations. Although he was leading for a larger part of the first set, I never had a doubt that I will win the set. It was a question of nerves and mine held better.
“As for the semis, that has been the focus and my coaches and video analysts have been preparing me for that. He is surely a tough opponent and I would rate our chances as equal.
“I am mentally and physically prepared for the battle tomorrow and am optimistic that I can overcome him, playing the right tactics.”
Chong Wei struggled early in the first set as he trailed 4-9 at one stage. He managed to reduce the deficit to 8-10 but was faulted by the chair umpire to give Kashyap a 11-8 lead at the break.
Though Chong wei managed to be within a point of his opponent at 11-12, he seemed apprehensive using his smashes, opting to rally, which suited his younger opponent better.
It was point for point as Kashyap extended his laed to 14-12 but Chong Wei managed to draw level at 14-14.
It was point for point after that with Kashyap drawing Chong Wei to the net and winning the duels but making mistakes sending the shuttle out as they were tied 17-17.
Kashyap took a 19-18 lead as Chong Wei sent the shuttle out at the baseline. But a deep drop once agains got him level.
And for only since the first point of the match did Chong Wei take the lead at 20-19 when his drop caught Kashyap. He went on to clinch the first set 21-19.
Chong Wei upped the tempo as he took an early 4-2 lead before extending it to 9-4 with Kashyap searching for answers.
And with Kashyap strunggling to keep pace, Chong Wei displayed superior court craft as he took six consecutive points to lead 19-8. It was sheer joy as he won 21-11.
“Chong Wei played into the opponents style of play in the first set and hence struggled<‘ said coach Tey Seu Bock.
“It will be tough against Chen Long but in order to win medals Chong Wei has to overcome such opponents. I am happy with his overall outlook of the game and he is in the right frame of mind.”