All it took was one chat with Lee Chong wei and an arrangement was done for the media at the All England Championships to have 20 minutes of his time at the Media Centre at the National Indoor Arena.

Having spoken to the Media Officer of the All England Championships, William King, this blogger made the arrangement with Chong Wei’s, whose only condition was that I had to be there and act as the interpreter for the session.

And at 645pm today, Chong Wei kept his date with the members of the media, fielding all the questions and providing the answers that ensured there were many happy faces.

Amongst the matters that Chong Wei spoke about were as follows:

– that he will retire at the end of the 2013 season as he had sponsorship obligations and that he wanted to try one last time to win the World Championships.

– that he will take a complete break from badminton for a period of two years to concentrate on business before he thinks about coaching.

– that the Olympics are his number one priority and playing in the All England was important as he wants a third consecutive title.

So please view the interview as attached.

And to the journalist from The Star ( the young one still wet behind the ears ), it was I who arranged this session and not your BAM as you stated in the Facebook as not to be blamed. Perhaps its your butt licking skills that you need to work on.