It was today a year  ago that fate dealt Malaysian hockey a bitter blow as Marcus Chua Boon Huat died tragically in a road accident.
His death sent shockwaves, with many still being unable to come to terms that the life of a person, loved by so many was snatched away all of a sudden.
While the family has tried to overcome the loss of their loved one, Malaysian hockey has somewhat struggled to fill the shows of the pony tailed smiling Chinese boy that hailed from Malacca.
Chua had a mission, and that was to see Malaysia play in the World Cup, and although he was not there in The Hague last May, there is no doubt that Chua played a vital role in ensuring Malaysia play their first World Cup since 1998 on merit.
Chua gave his all when on the pitch, never one to pull punches, and if only the current batch of national players can for a moment stop and reflecy on how the famous Number 3 conducted himself on the pitch, will they play their hearts out.
Chua had a tattoo “Living The Dream” inscribed on his arm but today Malaysian hockey is “Living in the dreams”.
Ask any hockey fan, player or official, they all have kind words to say about Chua, and he deserved every accolade that was showered upon him as he left the world to be with his creator.
There is an important lesson that all connected with Malaysian hockey can learn from Chua, for he was one person that never gave up or threw the towel no matter how impossible the task looked.
Chua was left out of the national team for reasons best known to some but he strived to prove critics wong, never begrudged anyone as he worked hard on the pitch doing what he did best, let his hockey do the talking.
And Chua was instrumental in the national team that finished fifth in the World League in June last year in Johor Baru that eventually paved the way for Malaysia to play in the 2014 World Cup.

Today Malaysian hockey is divided with many factions, all pulling in the opposite direction, with personalities [utting their self interest over the nations.
Chua is probably looking at all that is transpiring from God’s home, shaking his head in disbelief that what was a smooth ride a year ago has now ended tragically.
{ersonally I miss Chua, for his death coming weeks after I lost my Mum last year created a big vacuum in my life, for Chua was someone who would call and seekadvice on what to do when put in a situation.
Chua, there is one humble request from all of us to you, put in a good word to the almighty for Malaysian hockey needs divine intervention since you are notaround personally to help us be back on the right track.

Rest in peace brother, we all miss you.