It is a season of debates, with the Prime Minister being challenged to a debate by the Prime Minister wanna be.
Since I have been pushed to the wall by the Sports Minister and his cronies, I too am challenging the current Sports Minister to a debate. No point hiding the facts and running down people like me who have no political agenda nor personal agenda towards the development and promotion of sport, Mr. Minister.
I have had it up to here… (read this SMS I received this morning :  I was actually thinkin about you all the time. But you know lah the stickiness of your involvement when it comes to the ministry. They said no when i suggested to cut it short.)
So why not you be man enough and debate with me. Let’s start with what happened to the RM10 million allocated for football which has not been used for a year, about why hockey coaches are being constantly left out of incentive schemes, why your personal intervention in badminton and not other sports such as athletics, karate, sepak takraw and so forth, about what you have done positively for sports, about the so called improvement towards the incentive scheme, about how you talk about sports in the country when really you listen to certain personalities who have hidden agenda’s.
Tell me, why are you so scared of me till you resort to sunch underhand tactics to prevent me from putting food on the table for my parents? Simply put, you are just too scrared to face me despite my challenge last February when you belittled me in Bukit Kiara when I was not in the country to defend myself.
And to your officials in the NSC, I have this to say, you are in the firing line from the Ex Director General simply because you are busy playing politics then doing what is expected of you.