Compromise please, pleads former FAM Gen Secretary 

The Football Association of Malaysia should seriously consider the suggestion to pay the salaries of players of the National Under 22 squad.

This call was made by former FAM General Secretary Tan Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad.

He was of the opinion that this would be a ” win win” situation for both the state/club teams as well as the national age group squad.

” It is a pity to see Football come to such a stage where donning the national Colours is no longer considered a Honour,” said Ibrahim who was Secretary from 2005 to 2007 besides having served as Vice President as well as manager of national teams including the time when it was coached by Alan Haris.

” We need to address this issue and really both parties should come to a compromise for the sake of Football in the country.

” States should support the national body when it comes to the national agenda. Paying salaries of these players is a good way as the states will also feel appreciated.

” There has been a precedent as in 2006 we formed the Harimau Muda and paid the salaries of the 25 players in order to keep them together and build a team towards the 2009 Sea Games where we won gold.

” This team played some 65 matches yearly and a bulk of them are still core players in the national team.

” So investing in youth with not only reap dividends for the national side but also state and club sides.”

Ibrahim , who first served FAM in 1987 said he was perplexed as to why it had come to this stage with regards to release of players.

” There used to be a clause in the players contracts that they cannot turn down national call up”s and this applied to all teams, even age group squads,” revealed Ibrahim.

” If I remember correctly we banned some players for refusing to attend a strikers clinic conducted by Ian Rush in 2006.

” Perhaps FAM should reinstate the clause into the contracts.

” On the players part, their careers are deemed incomplete if they do not don the National jersey.

” Look at the professional players in England, the might earn mega bucks but yearn the desire to represent the country,

” That should be what our players aspire to do as well.”

Ibrahim felt that the states owed their loyalty to the current President Tengku Mahkota of Johor who was elected unopposed on April 25.

” The states gave HRH a mandate and should show their support for his desire to have strong national squads and this is vital towards improving our standards,” said Ibrahim.

” It’s pointless saying they desire change but do not share the goals set out by the President, which is for the betterment of our Football fortunes.

” This is a collective effort so release your players, sit down and negotiate issues like salaries but never hold the country at ransom.”