There are press reports stating that the UniKL team will be participating in the Malaysia Hockey League later this year.

Firstly some clarification is in order, will there be a MHL is yet to be determined as Malaysia is to play in the World Cup Qualifiers in a yet to be determined venue this November. It could be France, New Zealand or a third venue that those gifted people in FIH have yet to determine.

Assuming the league is ON, the decision taken by MHF to rebrand or rather restructure the MHL was as follows : there will be four divisions, the Premier Division, First Division, Second Division and Third Division.

Teams from the Malaysian Junior Hockey League were required to play in the Second and Third Divisions and the top six teams from last year’s MHL were to play in the Premier Division, joined by the top two teams from Division One.

The Division Oone teams comprised of clubs that were desirous of playing in the top flight and had to finish in the top two spot to make the grade to the Premier Division.

So far so clear. But wait, now we have UniKl stating that they are playing in the MHL and have secured sponsors as well to fund their ambition, given credibility by none else but the MHF President.

Has all the President’s men failed to advice him that this is not inline with the decision made by MHF Competitions Committee and approved by the Council?

Another interesting factor has since emerged, who is UniKL affiliated to? Checks with KLHA revealed that UniKL is not affliated to them so how can a non affiliated club announce that they are in MHL and for that matter why did not the advisors, be it from the club or MHF avoid placing His Royal Highness in such a situation.