Were there 18 sports determined by the Sukma Supreme Council initially or was there 19 but everyone thought it was 18 as the Minister kept saying it was 18 but no one counted for good measure.

Infact if you were read the reports, it says that nine new sports have been included and in reality it is an additional of four disciplines as synchronised swimming, water polo, beach volleyball and indoor volley ball have been added.

Compulsory sports are 18 sports as determined by the Sukma Supreme Council and they are as follows:

Weightlifting, badminton, cycling, football, lawn bowls, gymnastics, hockey, karate, archery, shooting, athletics, sailing, aquatics (swimming, diving), sepak takraw, pencak silat, squash, bowling and wushu.

The host state, in this case Malacca were given the choice to add 7 sports and they opted for the following:

Netball, basketball, equestrian, boxing, silambam, table tennis and petanque.

New additions as determined yesterday are as follows, so there are really 12 disciplines and 9 sports as synchronised swimming should come under aquatics.

Formula future, canoe, golf, rugby 7s, volleyball (beach and indoor), kabaddi, judo, fencing, synchronized swimming, water polo and Tennis.

So that makes it 34 sports right, with Taekwando being removed., but where was Taekwando placed to begin with ?

Confused, so am I.