Could Sukma Dates Be Moved?

Is there a possibility that Sukma ( Malaysian Games) could move dates yet again?

Initially slated for July 2020, the outbreak of the Covid 19 forced the dates to be moved by a year to April 2021.

However there are vibes from the South that they would now prefer a October 2021 date.

This matter is expected to be discussed at the Sukma Supreme Council meeting this Saturday.

Moving the dates will be a safe option considering the fact the Covid 19 pandemic is yet to be brought under total control.

However why October?

Let’s look at the options available.

The first four months are out as January is the month of examinations while the fasting month is in April to early May.

Hence one opening is late May to June.

July and August are focussed on Tokyo Olympics , leaving September, October as possible dates, should it be agreed to move the dates.

Once again November and December are examination months.

Which way will the votes swing to?

A pre or post Olympics Sukma?

One pertinent problem if it’s held after Olympics is the qualification criteria for the SEA Games which is scheduled for December in Vietnam.

A later date would create issues for the Olympic Council of Malaysia as there was a suggestion to send youngsters to SEA Games.

Any such thoughts will need to be revised as obviously the “ Long List” needs to be submitted earlier and we could miss out on some talented youngsters who might shine in Sukma.

As for overcoming this malaise, perhaps the National Sports Associations need to plan their national championships well ahead of the closing date by Vietnam which could well be before August.

So there is much to be discussed this Saturday.

The “ guardians” of the Sukma now is the BSC as they took over running Sukma in 1990.

It was OCM that initiated Sukma in 1986 and held a second edition in 1988.

Perhaps in the spirit of Malaysia Baru maybe the right thing to do will be to hand it back to OCM, as after all it was their baby that was taken away.