Brazilian Serie A side Cruzeiro are monitoring the progress of teenage Malaysian football prodigy Kumaahran.

The 15-year-old impressed during a one-month training camp in Brazil last August, and the South American club have now offered him an extended trial stint with them next year.

“Cruzeiro are very interested in bringing down Kumaahran for another stint and we all should be proud of that,” Kumaahran’s coach Jaino Matos said.

“They are a massive club in Brazil, and it’s about time Malaysian teenagers attempt to scale these heights.”

As for Kumaahran himself, these chances are not ones that come often and he plans to make the most of it.

“I know that I won’t get lots of opportunities like this. But I believe in myself and I feel it’s a chance for me to emulate my idol, Santokh Singh, on the international scene,” he said.

“Of course my dream is to play for Malaysia one day, but I am also silently praying that I get to sign for Cruzeiro anytime in the future.”

“I have already seen how football is like in Brazil. They train differently, they eat differently. They are more efficient in these things. It completely changed my perception of football and I hope to able to continue the learning process by heading there next year.”

Matos, who is also Cruzeiro’s official representative in Malaysia, believes Kumaahran is a special talent and thinks the youngster is capable of big things.

“I spotted Kumaahran playing futsal with his dad one day and I knew he had something in him. That is why I decided to further polish his talents by sending him to Brazil for that camp in August,” Matos said.