Former national cyclist Daud Ibrahim was killed when the car he was travelling in collided with a container lorry at Km 232.6 of the North-South Expressway near here early Thursday.

A police spokesman said Daud, 63, of Jalan Daud, Muar, Johor, was killed on the spot due to serious head injuries in the 1am incident.

He said both vehicles were heading towards the south when the container lorry rammed into the rear of the car driven by Daud.

Recalling the incident, lorry driver Ja’afar Abu Bakar, 44, said a car on the emergency lane had swerved into the lane in front of him and collided with the lorry.

Six fire and rescue personnel were called in to extricate Daud’s body from his wrecked car.

Daud was given the honour to light torch at the 21st SEA Games at the National Stadium in 2001.

He represented the country for the first time at the 1969 SEAP Games in Rangoon.

He won the gold in the 1,600m at the 1970 Asian Games.

A year later he won five gold medals at the SEAP Games in Kuala Lumpur.

He took part in the Christchurch Commonwealth Games in New Zealand in 1974 and Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, in 1972.