DBKL denied by KLFA for FAM Cup

Another Club is facing problems similar to what Selangor PKNS is facing.

This time it is Kuala Lumpur FA that is denying permission to City Hall ( DBKL) to participate in the FAM Cup.

While KLFA argues that City Hall has achieved any success in its domestic league thus does not meet the criteria, it fails to understand that DBKL was the FAM Cup champions in 1987 and 1988.

In the past those wishing to participate in the FAM cup had to win or be runners up in the domestic stars leagues.

However the huge financial burden forced FAM to have a relook and a new criteria was introduced with clubs having the ability both financially and physical facilities being allowed to parachute into the FAM Cup.

It is clear that PKNS was ill advised to move their affiliation from Selangor FA to Selangor Malays FC.

Will that sane person now be advising DBKL on what to do?

Money seems to be the main issue as KLFA feel that their share of the cake in terms of funding could be curtailed by the inclusion of DBKL which is the funding arm for the city team in the Premier League.

The fact remains that DBKL can make life difficult for KLFA as they own most of the playing fields and stadiums are actually under the purview of City Hall.

FAM will most likely have to decide on this issue as well but this is a clear cut case, unlike the PKNS issue where a meddling official has created the mess and put it squarely on FAM to decide.