Sometimes I wonder if those who call themselves educationalists or experienced badminton administrators know what they are doing when it comes to dissemination of information.
No I am not talking about what happened during a talk show at a pay per view TV station where the guest was so evasive with regards to the questions posed that even the main actor in the TV drama series Lie To Me would have a tough time trying to read this guy.
But rather the focus is on the Maybank Malaysian Open Badminton Super Series 2012 and their so-called official website, the link which is as follows:
Now go onto the website and you will find nothing on the tournament that is newsworthy, not even a history of the tournament, write up on the sponsors, even biodata of Malaysian players let alone the top players that are coming for the tournament.
Websites are supposed to be the epitome for news and promotion of the country. And the so-called consultants from the Tourism Ministry were taken all the way to New Zealand so that they could help prepare and do presentation for the bid for the Sudirman Cup, that in reality Malaysia had already won technically since the other bidder Australia had withdrawn two days prior to the BWF meeting.
It is bad enough that the BAM website just collects news from newspapers and pastes them and frequently is down due to exceeded bandwidth.
And here you have a website that is something similar to what Malaysian Hockey Federation and the 1MAS website has – absolutely zilch.
It is easy to talk about something one does not know, so while I will not talk about badminton coaching, I feel that I have much more experience in websites and sports management that some who claim that they do not slander me.
My ex-friend who claims that you have never slandered me, and the administrator who cannot reason objectively, this is nothing personal, but it is clear that you have no inkling on what you are doing.

It is easy to claim in the interest of the nation, but if this website is in the interest of the nation, I do hope you are watching this little space Maybank, for you are being taken for one hell of  a ride.