“I believe in the justice system in the country and I maintain I have not defamed anyone. Therefore I should no be persecuted as such.”
Those were the words of Olympic Council of Malaysia Secretary Dato Sieh Kok Chi who was issued a letter of demand by lawyers representing the National Sports Council.
Thius blog yesterday revealed about an official being issued a letter of demand or risk facing an allegation of defamation and Kok Chi confirmed that he was the person who was alleged to have uttered statements that NSC deemed as defamatory.
The action by the National Sports Council against Kok Chi has the blessings of the Minister of Youth and Sports.
However informed sources within NSC has revealed that it was initiated by an officer that harbours hopes of replacing Dato Seri Zolkples Embong as the Director General and bears a deep grudge against Kok Chi of late.
Whatever it is, in the end both NSC and OCM have their respective roles to play and thus both Kok Chi and Zolkples ought to sit over a cup of coffee and talk things over.