Demi Lencana Di Dada

That were the words uttered by Malaysia”s most famous footballing Son – the late Mokhtar Dahari.
A player who gave it his all on the pitch, standing hard and tough by his badge that he wore on his chest.
They do not make true warriors these days as they did then.
Perhaps it has all got to do with loyalty to the First Yang Di Pertuan Agung, as his image appears on all our currency notes.
Too much money, or too little of it is kind of a double edged sword.
The some are trying to correct what has been wrong in Malaysian Football but will need time. Rome was not built in one day but while others may feel that greed Isa factor, I very much doubt some are merely after the riches. Many are just passionate about sport, some at differing levels
All critics means well and have more often then not been more diplomatic then confrontational. 
FMLLP has its weakness and constraints but given time they can improve.
The only problem is FAM as they cannot seem to let go, stuck in a marriage where the sweetness has gone, akin to a chewing gum, but still kept in the mouth as its habitual.
So going back to players that quit, or as sone claim were made to quit.
Rightfully put these players love the country and no one should ever doubt that, not one single bit.
But winners never quit and quitters never win.
This is how it is in life, running away from an issue, if there is one to start with, will not resolve anything.
It is funny when a player out in the wilderness for 4 years and is recalled into the national team says he had always dreamt of donning the national jersey only s month ago now decides to retire for younger players!
That reasoning is not something a kindergarten going kid will accept, let alone those who love Football in the country.
We all have our differences, we all love Football, but above all we love our country.
We all want the best for the players as we expect the best from then on the pitch. So let’s sit down and talk things over rather then just quit.
I have all the time as I sit on my dialysis chair and contemplate on what to write, without trying to sound  offensive or taking sides.
But what has sports come to in this country? Threats, abuse of power, corruption, cronyism and above all greed, and this is not Football that I am talking about.
Never mind the fact that even being a third generation Malaysian I am often labeled as ” pendatang.” I love my country and wear the badge proudly on my chest.
Do u have what it takes to wear with pride and say ” Demi Lencana Di Dada!