DG extension, NSC Board told not comment consulted

I stand corrected!

No the National Sports Council Board was not consulted in the extension for f the term of the existing NSC Director General .

Rather at the December 21 Board meeting they were merely informed of the decision of extension by the Minister of Youth and Sports .

No discussion or deliberation by it was decided on the sole prerogative of the Minister.

This was revealed by two members of the Board.

On what basis was this done by the right house honourable Minister we will never know as the appointment is the sole prerogative of the Minister under the 1972 NSC Act.

The only thing we can add is would the Minister had taken the same decision had he consulted the 36 national sports associations?

And the question that begs to be asked is why this Minister like he’s predecessor refuses to have a dialogue with key officials of the NSA?

Since assuming officials in March tje Minister has been kept away from meeting NSA’s by hers Special Officer who is water right

With the NSC Director General

Numerous requested and letter sent but no resins received.

By the way, the Podium Enhancement Task Force were finally paid their dues.

The report will collect dust now until the next GE and the only enhancement it did was the position of the current DG.

All it took was for 3 members of the panel to end up as Brutus in this exercise of futility.

Hope is was worth it to sweep all under the carport in order for some positions promised.

Sleep well knowing you are Brutus.