Disputes in sports , the Sports Commissioner needs to be decisive.

The lack of direction and focus of the Sports Commissioners Office is cited as one of the major factors why disputes in sports bodied and pro longed and often end up in the courts of law.

And in addition their failure to make decisions is a factor why many opt to file cases in the court of law as the delays often frustrate the aggrieved parties.

And this boils down to one factor – failure to understand the Sports Development Act and the spirit as to why it was invoked in the first place.

“ One of the problems is the Sports Commissioner’s office. The officers are incompetent and like to play politics.,” said former OCM Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi.

“ The second problem is the aggrieved parties prefer to go to the courts because they don’t trust the SC or Arbitration.

“!Many forget that when a NSA is deregistered the state sports association are still alive and can organise and participate in sports event except at International level”

Kok Chi was commenting on Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican’s statement on NSA’s in dispute.

“ Frankly only YAM Tunku and I understand the situation clearly , “ lamented Kok Chi

In clarifying his statement, the elder statesman listed out several factors as follows;

1. Each sport belongs to its respective Federations.

2. The athletes belong to the respective International Federations because they compete under the rules of their respective IFs.

3. The IFs are therefore the parent body of their respective NSAs

4. The NOCs are only the umbrella bodies of their respective NSAs for participation in multi sports Games, such as Olympic Games, Asian Games, SEA Games, etc.

5. Other than the above, a NOC has little power over the NSA’s.

6. The NOCs only have shared jurisdiction over the athletes with their respective NSAs during the period of a multi sports Games.

“ In Malaysia the regulating body for NSAs is the Sports Commissioner, not OCM,” stated Kok Chi who was at one time a vocal critic of the Sports Development Act.

“ A NSA not registered by the Sports Commissioner automatically ceases to be a member of OCM.

“ Some IFs are unfair by insisting a NOC recognises a NSA before it can be affiliated to the IF.

“ This is ridiculous as it is like parents not knowing who their blood children are.”

Kok Chi added that some IFs care prepared to accept illegitimate NSAs as their

members based on the whim and fancy of a NOC which doesn’t know their sports.

“ Of course some dishonest NOCs try to mislead the sports world that they’re very powerful., “ said Kok Chi.

“ My conclusion is that only the Sports Commissioner and the IFs should decide on the process of registration.

“ OCM should not be involved except to provide its views, in order to prevent politicking and vote buying. “

He felt that it was better that OCM’s main role be on the participation in multi sports Games in a meaningful and beneficial fashion